About Us – Entrepreneur

By day I work for the largest metal roofing company in Texas. I am responsible for operations and production. I love the work I do – But it leaves very little time for my family! As you could probably tell from my photos I am a family guy. My family is comprised of my beautiful wife Teresa, six daughters, 1 son and 3 grand children.

I started my journey growing up in a small country town in Western Mass. I was a bit of a problem child and when I reached 18 I needed to do something that would straighten me out – I enlisted in the Army and I got a quick lesson in straightening out!!! I spent 9 years in Uncle Sams employ and I credit that period of time in molding me into who I am today. I could go on for ever and bore you to no end!

By night and weekend I am an entrepreneur. I believe in multiple streams of income. Multi Level Marketing, network marketing or how ever you want to refer to it is a great way to start a business! Lets face it, most of us don’t have enough capital to invest to own a McDonalds. The dynamics of creating multiple streams of income are incredible!

1. Creates sense of security – if you get laid off, you have something to fall back on.

2. 401K’s and Social Security are not reliable

3. Earn an additional income on your own terms – entrepreneur

‚Äč4. Lots of great opportunities to get involved with


The Choice is YOURS!

I have heard – that guy got in at the beginning – to many times. Well here is your chance to be in at the beginning. If you are reading this, I have invited you to reserve your spot on my team! We are about to launch an the next level of multi-level marketing!!! So, get excited, get on board, subscribe to my blog and stay in tune with the upcoming events. We are looking to soft launch in the end
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